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Q: Will you maintain the new landscape once it’s designed and installed?

A: Yes, Stone Turf Management will be glad to be involved in the regular maintenance and upkeep of your new landscape. Check out our landscape maintenance page for more information on those services.

Q: Since I have never done this before, and don’t know much about landscaping, can you help me choose what plants to plant and how to design everything?

A: Definitely! We specialize in custom designing your landscape and either using CAD software or hand-drawn plans before we ever break ground. Check out our design page for more information about how we can create a personalized landscape design for you. 

Q: Do you work on landscapes for homes under construction?

A: This is dependent on your particular builder’s preferences. We have worked in these conditions before, but it must be arranged with them before we begin any construction portion of the project. Design can always take place during the building of your home though.

Q: Are you insured and certified?

A: Yes, we are fully insured and licensed, and also certified in many services such as brick pavers and retaining wall installations. Please visit our About Us page for certifications.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Checks only, please.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: We service the Mobile, Alabama area. Most of our clients are located in West Mobile, but we do also service midtown, downtown, Grand Bay, Semmes, Bayou La Batre, Theodore, Tillman’s Corner, and other areas. If you aren’t sure if we service your area, feel free to send us an email or give us a call to ask one of our professionals!

Q: How do I request a quote from Stone Turf Management?

A: You can call or email us to request an appointment for a project manager to review your property and evaluate your desired landscape. After that, we can provide an accurate quote based on your individual needs.

Q: Can you provide references?

A: We can definitely provide references, and would be more than happy to upon request. Our clients would be more than happy to show off the work we’ve done for them, and if you’d like to ride by and see the properties we’ve landscaped, please let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss that with you. Also, throughout our website, you can view a selection of our testimonials.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact us
at 251.661.1687 to learn more and set up an appointment with one of our landscaping professionals.

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