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Have you been thinking of adding some brick pavers to your landscape? We highly recommend it!

Interlocking brick pavers are an artistic way to add interest to your existing landscaped area. By using your choice of various styles, colors, and sizes of clay or concrete brick, the Stone Turf staff can create a personalized environment that you can enjoy all year long.

There’s unlimited options for how to incorporate brick pavers into your own lawn, including surrounding swimming pools, pathways through gardens, driveways, patios, and more! In all of our brick paver projects, our experienced crew uses established brands of pavers and tools to get the job done.

If you’re located in or near Mobile, Alabama, Stone Turf Management would love to help with your brick paver project, so please give us a call with your questions and ideas. You can reach one of our professionals at 251.661.1687.

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Looking for an attractive solution to that sloped backyard, or the drainage problem? Retaining walls can solve the problem.

Retaining walls can help with holding back mountains of earth, leveling ground to provide an optimal flowerbed, or preventing terrible drainage problems. Many of our clients hire us to create retaining walls to provide new areas for planting and lawns. A well-built retaining wall will enhance the landscape design, rather than merely serving a function and blending in. Your landscape will include a new wall that has the appearance that it’s been there for many years and will last more many more to come.

Our wall installation services include site evaluation, grading, leveling, compacting base material, drainage, and back filling behind the wall.

We would love to assist with your retaining wall if you’re in the Mobile, Alabama area. Please call us for more information and for a personalized evaluation of your property. You can reach a Stone Turf professional at 251.661.1687.

Visit our Photo Gallery to view our retaining walls!

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